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The company Focus is the solution

In addition to the design and construction of the products, CASONI SRL offers to the customers its know-how and experience offering a different kind of services like: execution of artificial EDM, periodic Certification and Staff training.

Artificial notches by electroerosion (E.D.M.).

Through our EDM system, totally computerized, we produce artificial notches in different dimensions, positions and typologies on ferrous materials, special alloys or parts are supplied directly from our clients. Our notches are made according to UNI, EN, ASME, ASTM, MIL specifications or according to customer requests. All our notches are accompanied by dimensional certificates on which are indicated the clients details and order, type of material, dimensions and tolerance limit of the piece, working date and name of the technician. Plus the customer may ask for the issue of the cast (rubber mark) regarding the notch produced. The cast is then measured with a shadow projector to verify the right notch measurements.

Periodical certification

Our qualified staff is able to perform up to 200 different measurements to make sure that the device is certified in perfect conditions. An accurate test and data check with specific software avoid the occurrence of errors.

Products that can be certified.
• Eddy current in line devices: using probes and certified test blocks.
• Eddy current and ultrasonic portable devices: comparing the producer’s data with test data, using certified material.
• Eddy current and ultrasonic probes: checking the linearity of the sensitivity and the signal resolution.
• Test blocks: analyzing the chemical-physical data of the material, dimensions and status conditions.

The specifications used (if not differently specified by the customers) are:
ISO 9001:2008 ASTM E317-06
UNI EN 12668-1:2010 GROUP 2
UNI EN-12668-2:2010 GROUP 2
ASTM (for test blocks)
ASME (for test blocks)

Staff training

Casoni organizes courses regarding the eddy current (E.C.) and ultrasonic (U.T.) method according to UNI EN 473 regulations. The courses are taught by qualified staff (III level) and Casoni’s technicians. The union of these two figures allows the participants to acquire high level theoretical-practical concepts. This course gives the participants the possibility to interact between each other exchanging ideas about the various problems, while the long experience of Casoni company together with the practical tests carried out  directly in the laboratories, makes this course useful and effective for the resolution of the problems in industrial field.

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